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Wednesday Moon began her fire twirling journey in Canberra in 2008 at Dragon dreaming. In 2009 Wednesday began experimenting with fire fans and belly dancing, poi and fans had numerous similarities so she was able to pick up the art of fire dancing with fans quickly. In 2010 Wednesday took part and organised the opening ceremony for Dragon dreaming festival, the ceremony had approximately 20 performers; it showed the connection to all elements and the life force energy. In 2010 Wednesday did a performance for the ANU’s Earth hour with “Turn and Burn” a friends local business. In 2012 Wednesday and some friends began a local fire twirling, art and music community group meeting in local parks called Vibe Sessions. In 2013 Wednesday Moon performed with a team of fire twirlers performing at Psyland and Solition Drop local parties organised by Off Tap Productions In 2013 Wednesday did workshops at Soliton and Dragon Dreaming for poi. In 2014 that Wednesday developed a strong passion for hula hoops. This burning desire saw Wednesday start her own performance and fire twirling equipment making business Luminary Performances and become a qualified Hoop Love Coach with Deanne Love.

From Wednesday’s experience early on with poi, fans and now hoop she has a strong desire to help people learn and express what is inside them. Wednesday truly believes that flow arts can change, up lift and empower anyone to be more physically fit, emotionally balanced and confident. Wednesday invites you to come on this journey with her.