Wednesday is a visionary, creator and designer. Wednesday uses her body to bring spirit into reality. She draws from a wide range of influences including traditional circus, belly dance, tai chi and hip hop. Her love of all things performance began in 2012. Since then her passion has intensified. 

What she loves most about performance is the ability to share deep meaningful moments with people. She loves moving her body in a way that expresses the range of emotions that otherwise have no way to be expressed. Through connecting with a deeper part of the human experience, she is able to illustrate the world in a different way and assist the audience to journey through a different set of eyes. 

As Wednesday’s love and passion has grown for performing so has the desire and need to share these skills. In 2012 Wednesday became a founding member of a circus community group called Vibe Sessions. Vibe Sessions offered free tutorials and a community space for young aspiring circus performers to grow and develop their skills. 

Wednesday has a significant amount of notable performances. In 2014 she won Canberra RAW performer of the year for an LED hoop performance. Shortly after this she performed with Dream State Entertainment for Enlighten Festival in 2014. Wednesday has trained and performed with Ghawazee Moon Belly dance since 2015. Through training and performing with Ghawazee Moon Belly dance she has been able to expand on her dance knowledge and enjoy a large range of shows including Floriade, Canberra Multicultural Festival and Majors Creek Folk Festival. 

Wednesday’s love of performance and events extends past her own shows. She is a passionate volunteer at many festivals in Australia and is the performance and workshop coordinator for Dragon Dreaming festival.

Photo credit: Graphicaone

Photo credit: Graphicaone