Photo credit: Oliver Street photography

Wednesday is a visionary artist, creator, and designer who brings spirit into reality through her captivating performances. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including traditional circus, belly dance, tai chi, and hip hop, she has been immersed in the world of performance since 2012, and her passion has only deepened over the years.

Her talents extend beyond the stage, as she has also contributed her skills to various festivals across Australia, Wednesday has been the performance coordinator for Dragon Dreaming festival for the last seven years. Within this role she has booked hundreds of professional and emerging artist. Wednesday's commitment to sharing her passion and skills with others reflects her dedication to the performing arts community and her desire to inspire and uplift those around her. Wednesday has a strong understanding of the logistics required for a successful show including the artistic vision, schedule management and legal understanding of acts. 

In 2012, Wednesday became a founding member of Vibe Sessions, a circus community group dedicated to offering free tutorials and a supportive space for aspiring performers to grow. In this role she supported the community to grow and develop. Since then, she has amassed an impressive repertoire of performances, including winning the Canberra RAW performer of the year award in 2014 for her mesmerizing LED hoop act.

What Wednesday loves most about performing is the opportunity to share profound, meaningful moments with her audience. Through her expressive movements, she channels a range of emotions that might otherwise go unexpressed, inviting her audience to journey through a different lens of human experience.