Looking for show-stopping entertainment that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on your audience? 

Look no further! Our group performance packages feature talented solo artist, duos, trios and troupes who will dazzle and delight your guests with their synchronised choreography and electrifying energy.


Why Choose Us?

At Luminary Performances, we specialise in representing some of the most dynamic and versatile group performers in the industry. From solo acts to dance troupes we have a wide variety of roving, character play, burlesque, pole dancing though our speciality is fire dancing! 

Our collective of group performers showcases exceptional talent, creativity, and professionalism, ensuring that your event is memorable and unique. 

Our Performances:

Roving Acts: 

Set the stage for an unforgettable event with the vibrant energy and infectious playfulness of our talented roving artist. From high-energy character play to sophisticated enchanting acts, our performers will keep your guests on their feet and create a lively atmosphere that's sure to impress.

Fire Performances: 

Mesmerise your audience with the dynamic moves and synchronised choreography of our professional fire performers. With a wide range of dance influences our groups will captivate your guests with their precision, grace, and storytelling.

Burlesque and Pole: 

Delight your audience with the sensual and powerful artistry of our talented burlesque and pole performers. Whether you're looking for a solo show or group, luminary performances will fill your event with beautiful and graceful performances.

Canberra Enlighten Festival - Photography by Kbimages

Elevate Your Event Today!

Make your event unforgettable with our group performance packages. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate function, concert, or special event, our dynamic ensembles will create an electrifying atmosphere and leave your guests wanting more.

"Rome City and Empire" at National Museum of Australia 

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